Join scouts

Yay, we’re really happy that you’re interested in scouts!

We offer three meetings for free, where you can come and see if you or your child would be interested in scouts.


Scouting is quite affordable when compared to other hobbies. The annual membership fee is around 60-80 euros. The payment includes the membership fees of the Guides and Scouts of Finland and the Scout District. 

Here in Tervaksentekijät when you join, we have a joining fee of 30 euros that has to be paid only once. The joining fee includes scouts scarf and badges for your scouts’ shirt.

How to join?

To join Tervaksentekijät you have to fill out a joining form. The process is easy but there are few steps that you need to pay attention to:

  • In the ”Additional information” -field: tell us in wich group is your child going to attend. Remember to check that the group is not full.
  • In the child’s contact information: Do not put guardians contact information here. Fill only the childs contact information, note that the ”Phone number” -field is only required (if the child doesn’t have an cellphone fill the field with zeros, for example).
  • Do not put the guardians email adress in the childrens ”Email address” -field. The membership service doesn’t allow two identical email addresses. All emails will be sent to the guardian.

If the person joining has been in Scouts or has attended any camps organized by scouts before, do not fill out the joining form. Please contact the Scouts Group leader, secretary or membership service administrator.

Online membership service

In Tervaksentekijät we use Kuksa as our membership service. When attending camps etc. there will be an enrollment form via Kuksa. If you want to change your contact information you can easily do it in ”Asiointipalvelu” You can sign in using your ”PartioID”. If you have never used PartioID you have to sign up to use it, you can sign up on the sign-up -page of Kuksa or Asiointipalvelu. When signing up, put the guardians Parent Number and email address on the ”Member/Parent Number” and ”Email Address” -fields.

You can find your personal ”Parent Number” form the email that you received when filling out the Joining Form. If you can’t find it or can’t remember it, please contact the Scouts Group leader, secretary, or membership service administrator.

PartioID is personal and only the guardian can enroll their children in events. Children who has their own email address and it has been marked in the children’s personal information can register their own PartioID (but it’s not needed until the age of 15).